June 3rd, 2019

Prof. O. Kayser: Trends and prospects in Biotechnology (Technical University of Dortmund, Germany)

Dr. R.L.A. de Vrueh: Pharmaceutical partnerships: From input to impact (Lygature, Utrecht, Netherlands)

Dr. G. Kogan: Horizon Europe - the next EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation 2021-2027 (EC, DG RTD, Belgium)

Dr. G. Van Den Eede: The European Commission´s science and knowledge service (JRC-EC, Belgium)

Dr. M. Šponiar: Basic framework of the institutional governance for research and innovation in the Slovak Republic (SR) and EU (European research area) (Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic)

Dr. E. Buratti: ICGEB - Who we are (ICGEB representative, Italy)

Dr. P. Canciani: Fostering Bioeconomy in Central, East and South-East Europe through enhancing regional cooperations (CEI representative, Italy)

Prof. M. Dundar: Biotechnology and activities of EBTNA (President of EBTNA, Turkey)

Dr. M. Dettenhofer: Can we make the knowledge transfer from the research to industry in Biotechnology in CEE countries more efficient? (CEITEC, Czech Republic)

Prof. S. Pastoreková: Alliance4Life Initiative: Towards efficient regional cooperation in Pharma/Med Biotechnology and Biomedicine in CEE Countries (Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia)

Dr. M. Gurdala: EIT Health: The health innovation journey (EIT, Hungary)

Dr. A. Marcello: Towards multi-parametric syndrome-based point-of-care devices for the diagnosis and surveillance of Arboviruses (ICGEB, Italy)

Dr. L. Braga: High content screening: from large libraries to functional hits (ICGEB, Italy)

Prof. J. M. Rollinger: Anti-influenza potential drugs: synthetic vs natural compounds (University of Vienna, Austria)

June 4th, 2019

Prof. T. Beccari: Emerging therapies and therapeutic concepts for lysosomal storage diseases (University of Perugia, Italy)

Dr. J. Miertus: Establishing an European diagnostic network in genetics: GENIUS - MAGI experience (GENIUS - MAGI, Slovakia - Italy)

Dr. S. Paolacci: NGS analysis fo patients with Mendelian obesity (MAGI, Italy)

Prof. V. Frecer, Prof. S. Miertus: Design and development of new potential drugs against influenza A virus (ICARST, Slovakia)

Dr. G. M. Keseru: Fragment based approaches against CNS targets (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary)

Prof. O. Kayser: From ethnobotany to natural product biotechnology: Limits and expectations (Technical University of Dortmund, Germany)

Prof. F. Chiellini: Multi-scale polymeric constructs scaffolds for tissue engineering (University of Pisa, Italy)

Dr. N. Skoko: Biotechnology development and transfer of know-how to industry: ICGEB approach (ICGEB, Italy)

Prof. F. Chiellini: Mikrobial transformation of waste into value added products including biodegradable and biocompatible polymers applicable to medical application (University of PIsa, Italy)

Dr. G. C. Forte: Mechanically actuated pathways as new targets in regenerative medicine and tumor management (FNUSA, Czech Republic)

Dr. P. Novák, Prof. M. Novák: Active immunotherapy for Alzheimer's disease - Targeting the altered biochemistry of Tau protein to halt neurodegeneration (Institute of Neuroimunology, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia)

Dr. E. Buratti: ICGEB research program on neurodegenerative diseases (ICGEB, Italy)

Dr. J. Tkáč: New biomarkers and biosensors for early detection of cancer (Institute of Chemistry, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia)

Prof. G. Fassina: Immune-surveillance: a novel platform for biomarker discovery (Xeptagen, Italy)

Prof. M. Čertík: Microbial Biotechnology as a platform for preparation and application of biologically active lipophilic compounds (Slovak University of Technology, Slovakia)